what is weight loss plateau

Weight Loss Plateaus – How To Get Over It and Start Losing Weight Again

If you’re on a weight loss program, have read reviews and have purchased your preferred diet pill to help you along, and actually been doing your exercises consistently while following a strict diet plan program, you are definitely expecting absolutely nothing but the very best results.

Hence, when you see your weight loss begin to slow down, you might seriously start to wonder what’s happening and get annoyed that you are simply not losing any more fats, and hence weight.


Why Weight Loss Plateaus Occur

So what’s happening? You were making superb progress shedding those unwanted fats and all of a sudden, you are barely progressing at all.

It’s discouraging to state the least.

You are certainly now in what’s called a weight loss plateau!

So what is a weight loss plateau? Why do they happen?


What Is A Weight Loss Plateau

A weight loss plateau is any time when you’re following a reduced calorie diet plan and exercise program and you reach a point where you do not lose any more weight.

Essentially, what worked so well before has suddenly stopped working. The diet and exercises that had served you so well now seem to be rebelling. You feel your body is fighting against you. You’ll feel miserable, you’ll be hungry, and you’ll be so annoying that your family and friends might not wish to be around you.

You are certainly not a happy dieter.


Why Do Weight Loss Plateaus Occur

So what triggers a weight loss plateau? The main reason for weight loss plateaus is because your body starts to adapt. It stores fat as a defense mechanism to protect your body and uses it in times of famine to stay alive.

It’s going to trigger your metabolic rate to so down so you’re burning fewer calories daily. Since you’re already eating fewer calories, it attempts to match this usage so no more weight loss will occur.

That’s when you reach weight loss plateau. Now you’re barely consuming any food but your weight is remaining consistent. Your body has actually now adjusted.

To break through the plateau and start burning fats again, you’re going to have to surprise or shock your body with a new diet plan and exercise routine. That’s when you’ll resume losing weight and begin seeing your body becoming the shape you desire again.

There are methods to achieve this on both the diet and exercise fronts.  And to break through the plateau as quickly as possible, do make sure to adopt a comprehensive plan.

It is important to know that you are not alone in hitting a weight loss plateau. It is a common occurrence. So do not give up in frustration.

Push through with the help of your weight loss diet pill such as Phen375.

You can get out of them and get the body you desire!


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